Choix - abortion pills by mail

Abortion Pills available up to 11 weeks for $199

Checkout this provider’s Price List for more pricing information.
  • Choix is a telehealth clinic offering abortion care online. No appointment is required - you can simply fill out the online medical questionnaire, text or speak with a provider, and then have medications delivered.

    Choix operates on sliding scale pricing from $199 - $399 based on need and includes: • Initial consultation fee • All medications for the abortion (mifepristone & misoprostol) • Medications to alleviate pain & nausea • All visits with Choix clinicians • Standard shipping

    Choix now offers Advance Provision of abortion pills – the ability to access medication before you are pregnant for future use. The cost for this service is $289.

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  • Estimated 2 days for delivery.

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