About ineedana.com

We're designers and engineers that research, report, and seek to improve how people get abortions in the United States.

How does this website work? Is it safe?

With 3 non-personally-identifiable pieces of information (that we don’t collect or store), we’re able to give people seeking abortions the information most relevant to them. This means there are a ton of different experiences you could get on ineedana.com.

We show everyone their closest clinics, but if you enter that you’re a minor in a state with parental consent laws, we show you that information too. If you click a button asking saying “How am I going to afford this?,” we show you your state’s Abortion Funds and Practical Support Networks. If you’re under 12-weeks and in a state that allows telemedicine and abortion pills by mail, we show you all of those options. If you're in a more restricted state, we'll show you verified options and connect you with legal support.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to find the information and resources that apply to them, without having to sift through a lot of noise or, worse, misinformation and stigma from anti-abortion organizations.

We partner with organizations like Abortion Care Network, Apiary for Practical Support, and National Network of Abortion Funds. We've been called "Your best starting point" and featured in media like The New York Times, Teen Vogue, and John Oliver's Last Week Tonight.

We don't sell pills or offer abortion funding. All information is verified and for educational purposes. We don't give medical or legal advice.

How does it stay up to date?

We use a combination of computer and people power! Kind of like your favorite search engine, we have computers that comb through the internet and look for changes. We also have many ways for providers, funds, advocates, and patients to let us know when they know something has changed.

See info that is out of date on a clinic, you can let us know by clicking “let us know” on that clinic’s more details page. See how.

Who the heck are y’all?

The site was originally envisioned by a designer and engineer after their own abortion in Texas.

"In 2012 I called the Planned Parenthood I’d been going to for years and was told they didn’t actually do abortions at that location. So I googled "I Need An Abortion." The results were a mess. I found lots of clinics - both real and fake. It took me days to piece together my options. I had to wait two miserable weeks for my appointment

I couldn't believe something better didn't exist for the 1 million people who get abortions every year. So, I started building the thing I wished I'd had. A resource that spoke to me like a peer, not a doctor or lawyer (no offense). Something that filtered all of the information down to just what I needed, from clinics to abortion funds to laws to stories from people like me. I wanted something that could rapidly respond to legislative changes (and as it turns out, global pandemics too).“

Now, we’re (thankfully) a lot bigger than one person and their experience. We’re a small team composed of professional writers, designers, developers, and data analysts. We have clinic-escorts, practical support volunteers, trained abortion doulas, abortion funders, fierce advocates, and former provider staff. We’ve experienced how overwhelming trying to find factual and personally relevant information online about how to get an abortion can be.

We build for web accessibility, gender-inclusivity, and constant iteration. We believe strongly in Reproductive Justice as established by SisterSong. We know anti-abortion laws are deeply racist in origin and purposely designed to create barriers to abortion and prevent Black people, indigenous people, people of color, and people with lower incomes from accessing abortion earlier in pregnancy. In order to make abortion accessible, we must dismantle white supremacy.

Can I use your data?


We know how hard it is to keep clinic, legal, and support organization information up to date and accurate. We fundamentally believe we’re all better off when we consolidate those efforts. We share our data with people and organizations of all sizes with many different goals. We ask for the users of the data to contribute to keeping that information up to date and/or a financial donation to support the ongoing maintenance.

Note: we don't store any data about our users input, so that is not sharable!

We make these data sharing agreements on a case by case basis. We take great care to make sure we’re working with people who share our values. If you’re interested in learning more, please fill out this form.

How can I help?

We’re thrilled you asked!

1. You can help us by sharing I Need An A with your community.
We've got lots of images to help you spread the word and you can buy shirts & stickers at our store.

2. You can help us ensure our user experience is as good as possible at one of our monthly volunteer days! apply here

3. The fastest and most impactful way to help - Make a tax-deductible donation. We're a small organization that relies on grassroots donations. Monthly, recurring donations are particularly helpful to help us plan and make sure we're reaching abortion seekers.

Have other ideas on how we could partner? We’d love to hear them!

Have feedback?

Do you have general feedback for us as a user? Fill out this form or text us at (254) 218-3995.

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