Abortion On Demand

Abortion Pills available up to 9 weeks for $389

Costs can vary based on how long you’ve been pregnant. It’s also helpful to consider your potential travel costs. For a full and personalized estimate,
  • Abortion on Demand (AOD) is an online abortion service for people 18+ years old. Photo ID is required for age verification and your computer's IP address will be checked to confirm you're in Kansas for the virtual appointment. You must provide a residential mailing address in Kansas.

    To comply with Kansas law, AOD must wait 24 hours after the video visit is complete to release the prescription to the mail-order pharmacy.

    AOD is best suited for people who prefer NOT to have detailed options-counseling and just want their meds sent quickly, legally and safely.

    AOD does not accept Medicaid or insurance of any kind but they have partnered with local and national funds to ensure Kansans have access to abortion by telehealth regardless of their ability to pay.

     Professional memberships

    These organizations have criteria that providers must meet annually to maintain membership.

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