Deciding to have an abortion can be intimidating and complicated. You deserve to get unbiased and honest help. Unfortunately, there are many organizations, known as “crisis pregnancy centers” that pretend to be abortion or options counseling clinics. These locations operate with the sole purpose of talking you out of having an abortion.

This is why it’s important to verify that a clinic is a member of organizations like NAF or ACN. Talking to friends or checking Yelp reviews can also be helpful to make sure you're going to the clinic that's right for you.

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In many states, there are more crisis pregnancy centers than abortion clinics. They will frequently buy Google ads so that they appear above actual abortion clinics when you’re searching online. They’ll often advertise free ultrasounds and post-pregnancy support (diapers, financial, etc.). It is important to note, states that require ultrasounds before abortions also require that the ultrasound take place at the same clinic that the abortion will take place. Confirm that the location providing you with an ultrasound also performs abortion.

Many of these fake clinics are financed by state tax dollars but are not regulated by any medical institutions. To learn more about fake clinics check out

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