Cleveland, OH




In-clinic Procedure

up to 21 weeks and 6 days

At 6 weeks, in-clinic procedure at this provider costs $565.


Abortion Pills available

up to 9 weeks for $635

*Costs can vary based on how long you’ve been pregnant. To see costs at different lengths of pregnancy, update when your last period started and search again.

Local Sedation: no additional charge Oral sedation: $20 Conscious sedation: $75 Anesthesia: $150 (either conscious sedation or anesthesia will be required for appointments for an EGA over 17 weeks) Options counseling only: $55 Ultrasound only: $135 Rhogam injection: $60 (first trimester) or $115 (second trimester) Post-abortion counseling: free for abortion patients

Checkout this provider’s Price List for more pricing information.


12000 Shaker Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44120