Chicago, IL

Family Planning Associates Medical Group



In-clinic Procedure

up to 23 weeks and 3 days


Abortion Pills available

up to 11 weeks

*Costs can vary based on how long you’ve been pregnant. To see costs at different lengths of pregnancy, update when your last period started and search again.

Funding assistance is available at this provider, including for people traveling from states where abortion has been banned. To learn more, call the clinic.

Cost includes pregnancy testing, pre-operative history and physical, ultrasound, lab work, the abortion procedure or medications used to induce an abortion, RhoGAM or MicRhoGAM (if required), medications given on the day of the procedure and post-procedure medications and your post-operative care as authorized by medical staff.

Checkout this provider’s Price List for more pricing information.


659 West Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL 60661