Las Vegas, NV

A-All Women Care, Las Vegas



In-clinic Procedure

up to 15 weeks

At 6 weeks, in-clinic procedure at this provider costs $600.


Abortion Pills available

up to 9 weeks for $600

*Costs can vary based on how long you’ve been pregnant. To see costs at different lengths of pregnancy, update when your last period started and search again.

Mini Rhogam $130.00 Full Dose Rhogam $210.00 IV Hydration – Each Bag of Hydration $160.00 Nausea Injection: Zofran or Metochlopramide $50.00 Oral Zofran $15.00 Oral Antacid Medication $15.00 Oral Antibiotics $55.00 Toradol Injection (for pain relief) $50.00 Additional Misoprostol for bleeding prevention $55.00 Intramuscular Methergine for heavy bleeding $130.00

Checkout this provider’s Price List for more pricing information.


7908 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89117