Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants / The MAP

Abortion Pills available up to 11 weeks for $250

  • In September 2023, Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants launched The Massachusetts Medication Abortion Access Project (The MAP). The MAP uses an asynchronous telemedicine platform to serve women, transgender men, and gender non-binary individuals in all 50 states who are 11 weeks pregnant or less.

    To use MAP, you'll need to fill out a form on their website then wait (typically a day) for an email response. You'll then need to fill out another form with your information for shipping. Pills arrive in 2 - 5 days and cost $250, though a sliding scale is available.

    The providers are able to send to all 50 states, including yours, by using a Massachusetts "shield law" and having a Massachusetts license. This shield law protects the provider. You may still face legal risks by accessing pills by mail in your state. For help with legal questions we recommend the Repro Legal Helpline at 844-868-2812.

    In their first month, they sent 150 packages to people in 25 states.

     Professional memberships

    These organizations have criteria that providers must meet annually to maintain membership.