Armadillo Clinic

Abortion Pills available up to 12 weeks

Costs can vary. For a full and personalized estimate,
  • Armadillo offers sliding scale pricing from $250 - $15

    Armadillo Clinic is a telehealth clinic that makes it easy for people to get mifepristone and misoprostol (abortion pills) mailed to their homes. Fill out a medical intake form on-line, and Armadillo's experienced medical providers will review your information and mail pills in 2-5 days. Providers are available by live chat and phone for questions.

    What states will Armadillo Clinic mail pills to?

    Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and California

     Professional memberships

    This provider is not a member of Abortion Care Network or National Abortion Federation

    These organizations have criteria that providers must meet annually to maintain membership.