Release Notes #2 - Sharing is caring

Posted March 21, 2024

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Sharing is caring!

We’ve released an easier way for people to share and save the information they find on A share button!

Every abortion provider listing now has this button, no matter if it’s on the general search page,, or if it’s linked from a "How to get an abortion in your city" guide like

preview of a clinic listing with a new share button

When users click it, they’ll be prompted with a modal that allows them to copy that direct link to that abortion clinic.

screenshot of a modal where users can copy a direct link to an abortion provider

We’ve designed the search experience to create as small a digital trail as possible, but we know that’s made it harder to share information directly with people who may need it. Our hope is this allows abortion seekers and supporters alike to more easily access the information we have curated about verified abortion providers while still reducing information stored in browser history. For help on clearing your browser’s history, check out

If you have questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email