Abortion Travel Checklist

Posted May 24, 2024

map with two destinations

So, you’ve decided to travel out of state for abortion care - use this checklist to make sure you’re prepared!

Step 1: Make an appointment at the clinic.

Find your nearest abortion clinic here (https://www.ineedana.com/search).

Step 2: Prepare a budget for the trip.

Use our trip estimate calculator.

Step 3: Look into financial and travel assistance options.

There are organizations that can offer financial help, travel assistance, emotional support, and more. Keep in mind, you might need to have an abortion appointment already booked before some of these groups can help.

Use our Advanced Search to find support organizations. You can reach out to multiple organizations so be sure to check the "eligibility" for your state, the destination state and nationally.

car with backgrounf

Step 4: Make travel plans and review transportation checklists.

Decide if you want someone to go with you.

Who you invite into this experience is completely up to you and your comfort level. If you plan to have the in-clinic abortion and receive sedation or anesthesia, the clinic may require a companion to take you home. Ask the clinic about their escort policies. If no one is able to travel with you and you want to receive sedation or anesthesia you can contact the local abortion fund in your destination state to see if companion or doula support is available.


Step 5: Pack your bag.