Getting an abortion is harder than it should be, right? Fortunately, there are many organizations working to protect abortion access, fight these unnecessary restrictions, and break the stigma that surrounds abortion.

Here are some amazing organizations that we recommend supporting through donations or simply helping to amplify their work.

NARAL Pro-Choice America - Organizes activists and allies across the country.

Center for Reproductive Rights - Fights unconstitutional laws in the courtroom.

SisterSong - Amplifies the voices of indigenous women and women of color.

We Testify - Shares the stories of those that have had abortions.

Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project - Works directly with clinics to provide further financial assistance for abortion services and emergency contraception nationally.

Abortion Access Front and Abortion Access Force - Uses humor to raise awareness and fight stigma.

Reproaction - Organizes direct actions to support abortion access.

Abortion Out Loud a project of Advocates for Youth - Fights shame and stigma through storytelling.

National Institute for Reproductive Health - Works at the state and local level to create change.

Reproductive Health Access Project - Educates primary care physicians on abortion, contraception and miscarriage care.

National Abortion Federation - Professional association of abortion providers.

Abortion Care Network - National association of independent abortion providers.

National Network of Abortion Funds - Helps to provide financial and logistical assistance.

#ExposeFakeClinics - A campaign to help combat fake clinics by writing factual reviews online.

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