Aid Access

Abortion Pills available up to 11 weeks for $105

  • Aid Access mails abortion pills to people in all states, including states with legal restrictions. It's important to note that while self-managing an abortion with pills is extremely safe and effective in ending a pregnancy, it can come with legal risk. If you have legal questions about self-managing an abortion, the repro legal helpline has information on your rights and a helpline at 844-868-2812

    From the provider:
    "Our European doctors can prescribe the abortion pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) and tell you about a pharmacy that will mail you the pills. Shipping takes 1-3 weeks, with the average time being 2 weeks. The cost is 105 USD.* *If you cannot afford this, tell us after you fill in the form so that we can help you.

    The helpdesk and doctor will be available to answer any question before, during and after the process. The medicines can be used safely at home as long as you have good information and access to emergency care in the rare case of complications. "

    If you have additional questions about medication abortion or need assistance while having one, there is a hotline run by medical professionals. Contact them at 1-833-246-2632. They're available via call or text for 18 hours a day.

    If you'd like peer support and info throughout the process of planning or having an abortion will pills at home, call or text Reprocare - open 7 days a week at 833-226-7821

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